An Inter-disciplinary Collaborative
of Faculty and Community Partners

A timely opportunity

In 2016 we saw both a timely urgency and an opportunity. A national conversation about race was opening up to a degree not seen in recent times. At the same time, many of our faculty’s individual and joint research projects and activities have been partnering with grassroots placemakers of color who have been claiming urban space through design, media, the arts and cultural practice.

We gather as a network to explore how to have places in the city where communities of color can thrive. How might we disrupt an intractable pattern in which public and private sector investments intended to redevelop the city often result in disproportionately displacing low-income communities of color? How do we conceptualize and reimagine related topics, including placemaking, community engagement, the design of infrastructure and the integration of emerging media platforms into space, in a manner that defies displacement? How can we expand this conversation beyond the university and make a pertinent contribution to a very real process?

RAP receives funding from the USC Provost and Price School of Public Policy to support our gatherings, new courses, and public symposia. The goal is to learn through dialogue, to develop common vocabulary, and to inspire research and action. We value integrating theory and practice, and rather than simply talking in the ivory tower, we design, make, and collaborate with each other and with those outside of campus.

We have articulated our shared values and desire for a new model of university and community relationships. We invite you to read our

List of RAP faculty:


a) Bar, François (Annenberg)
b) Frazier, Robeson Taj (Annenberg)
c) Kim, Annette (Price)
d) Kun, Josh (Annenberg)
e) Willis, Holly (Cinema)


1) Armour, Jody (Law)
2) Banerjee, Tridib (Price)
3) Bostic, Raphael (Price)
4) Bustamante, Nao (Roski)
5) Crisman, Jonathan (University of Arizona)
6) Currid-Halkett, Elizabeth (Price)
7) Grimes, d. Sabela (Kaufman)
8) Hancock, Ange-Marie (Dornsife)
9) Hill, Edwin (Dornsife)
10) Jacobs, Lanita (Dornsife)
11) Jackson, Maria (Arizona State University)
12) Jones, Victor, Principal, Fièvre + Jones
13) Lacy, Suzanne (Roski)
14) Lin, Jenny (Roski)
15) Maclay, Colin (Annenberg)
16) Nguyen, Viet Thanh (Dornsife)
17) Schweitzer, Lisa (Price)
18) Sloane, David (Price)
19) Trope, Alison (Annenberg)
20) Wilson, Francille (Dornsife)

List of RAP Community Partners

1) Blockstein, Mike, Public Matters
2) Bray, Anne, Freewaves
3) Caldwell, Ben, Kaos Network
4) Daleiden, Sara, MKE<->LAX
5) Estrada, Reanne, Public Matters
6) Holland, Unique, Strategic Communications Consultant,
7) Hsu, Umi, One Archives
8) Keith, Naima, LACMA
9) Legaspi, Enrique, LAUSD
10) Mack, Karen, LA Commons
11) Montoya, Chelo, LACMA
12) Sharma, Neelam, Community Services Unlimited
13) Shaw, Cameron, California African American Museum
14) Sinclair, Michael, LAUSD
15) Turner, Damon, GOOD
16) White, Pete, LA Community Action Network
17) Williamson, Jan, 18th Street Arts Center
18) Yank, Sue, 18th Street Arts Center