Harry Shum

RAP Newsletter 025

  • Featured Events: Harry Shum Jr. and family time with CAAM!
  • Calendar: Street Vendors and the Inconstant World!
  • Art on View: Galleries and museums are reopening!
  • RAP Chats: Critical Media Project with Allison Trope and Enrique Legaspi
The Committed

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RAP Newsletter 023

RAP 22

RAP Newsletter 022

RAP Newsletter 021

George Floyd and Police

RAP Newsletter 020

  • Support: our Community Partners’ Mutual Aid and Place Actions
  • Join: Campaigns and Petitions
  • Learn: Resources, Re-frame news, Curricula
  • Music: Playlists and Connections

RAP Newsletter 019

  • Featured Events: Freedom of Speech Town Hall, Gentrification Forum
  • Calendar: Dance with d. Sabela Grimes, Poetry with Joy Harjo, and more!
  • Art On View: Calida Rawles, PAM celebrates Asian Artists in Los Angeles…
  • RAP Chats: Interview with Ben Caldwell of KAOS Network

RAP Newsletter 018

  • RAP Featured Event: Unbreakable Resolve: Free-Dem Foundations at USC!
  • Calendar: Roski MFA Closing program, Moly Kane, Jane Kaisen, and more.
  • RAP Chats: Interview with Neelam Sharma of Community Services Unlimited!
  • Art On View: Art+Practice and Hammer Museum collaborate on Collective Constellation…

RAP Newsletter 017

  • RAP Featured Event: Slow Jam on Vermont and Exposition!
  • Calendar: Charles Gaines, Spoken Justice, Reform LA Jails tackle Mental Health for their Arts Summit and more!
  • Art on View: Do Ho Suh, Shirin Neshat, Serge Attukwei, and more!

RAP Newsletter 016

  • RAP Featured Event: RACIAL RADICALS Happening Thursday
  • Calendar: The Festival for All Skid Row Artists on its 10th Anniversary!
  • Art on View: Oh’s Korean queer spaces, George Rodriguez, and Julie Mehretu!
  • RAP CHAT:  with Chelo Montoya of CAAM and LACMA

RAP Newsletter 015

RAP Newsletter 014

  • Featured Event: Teens, Media Arts, and Belonging.
  • Calendar: Photoville, Black Ocean, #OSCARSSOWHITE, and more!
  • Art On View: GANAS DE EXISTIR! at Angels Gate and more!

Suzanne Lacy

RAP Newsletter 013

  • Featured Events: Jails and Justice, Suzanne Lacey retrospective!
  • Calendar: FOSTER screening, Lackawanna Blues, and more!
  • Art On View: Dinh Q. Lê, Roski Students at LACE and Charlie James Gallery!
  • RAP Playlist: Listen to the songs we selected this year!

RAP Newsletter 012

  • Featured Events: Cultural Organizing, Decolonizing Space…
  • Calendar: Say Her Name Screening at the Hammer and more!
  • RAP Chats: Dr. Matt Miller’s night at Mic Sessions
  • Art On View: Suzanne Lacy’s Retrospective in SF!
  • Conferences: Transformative Arts Network meeting at UCSB

Focus Iran 3

RAP Newsletter 011

  • Featured RAP Events: Paul Robeson and Questionbridge
  • Calendar: Race Relay, K-Pop Radicalism?, and Female Incarceration
  • Announcement: RAP receives three more years of continued funding!
  • Art On View: Hernandez, Pruitt, Ligon, Alekhuogie, Sabur, and more!
  • Books: USC Book RoundUp

I Love America. That’s Why I Have to Tell the Truth About It |

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Washington needs supervision

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