SLAB, the Spatial Analysis Lab at USC Price, advances visualization of the city for public service through research, public engagement, and teaching.

Our research experiments with developing cartographic narratives and their potential roles in fostering an inclusive society. Aligned with Price’s commitment to social justice and equity, the various activities of SLAB focus on bringing creativity and a humanistic attention to marginalized peoples and places. And, SLAB does its work with others. Situated in a university with unique strengths and possibilities, we focus on promoting research collaboration within and outside USC Price. 

Annette M. Kim, Director of SLAB


Scott Mahoy, Creative Director

Samirita Dabade

Samirita DabadeResearch Assistant

Clemens Pilgram

Clemens PilgramResearch Assistant

Michael ChiangResearch Assistant

Thu Nguyen

Thu NguyenResearch Assistant

Current Research Associates


Jonathan Crisman, Assistant Professor of Public Humanities, University of Arizona

Sonja Lanehart

Sonja L. Lanehart, Professor of Linguistics and Teaching, Learning & Sociocultural Studies, University of Arizona

Bryan Carter

Bryan Carter Associate Professor, Africana Studies, University of Arizona
Director, Center for Digital Humanities

Andrew Eisenlohr

Andrew Eisenlohr

Arthur Acolin

Arthur Acolin, Assistant Professor, Department of Real Estate, University of Washington

Past USC SLAB members:
Ayesha Mayagoitia
Julia Harten
Jonathan Crisman
Matthew Miller
Luis Gutierrez
Jan Chantarasompoth
Wendy Chung
Byoungjun Kim
Arthur Acolin
Kristy H.A. Kang, Associate Director
Quan Yuan

Tiffany Chu
Courtney Sung