Cinematic Maps

The negotiation of public space over 10 years, 2000-2010.

We are finding cinematic mapping one of the most promising strategies for breaking through Euclidean map logic and for analyzing the social construction of places. Videos allow us to more seamlessly integrate humanities and social science knowledge, space and time, urban scale/human scale. And sound opens up entire worlds… The above map shows the re-negotiation of public space between street vendors, neighbors, police, and local government over a ten year period in Ho Chi Minh City.

Ghost Map, cinematic version

The “ghost map” is a study on how to mediate between urban scale and human scale, between data and people’s faces. We could define public space as concrete with linear edges or as being contingent on the public.

Bill’s Tacos

Our “Bill’s Tacos” video explores the interiors of a place interspersed with the verbalized geographies of the people intersecting there, examining the ethnic co-production of spaces of belonging in Los Angeles.