SLAB, the Spatial Analysis Lab at USC Price, aims to advance the visualization of the social sciences for public service through research, public engagement, and teaching.

Our research experiments with developing alternative cartographies and exploring their potential roles in society, endeavoring to create knowledge and narratives that support an increasingly inclusive city. Aligned with Price’s commitment to social justice and equity, the various activities of SLAB focus on bringing creativity and a humanistic attention to marginalized peoples and places.

And, SLAB does its work with others. Situated in a university with unique strengths, we focus on promoting research collaboration within and outside Price. 

In SLAB’s spirit of humanizing research, we introduce ourselves with songs…SLAB’s 2016-17 Spotify playlist.


Annette M. Kim, Director of SLAB

“California” by Kate Earl
“I chose this song to herald SLAB’s optimistic new phase on the left coast with its distinctly laid-back LA vibe and tongue-in-cheek lyrics.”
UPDATE: “November 2016 = need a new song, Alright? Here’s the RAP USC playlist”

Scott Mahoy, Creative Director

“Music is God My Love” by Chassol
“Chassol experiments with a simple recording of the human voice and with each iteration he superimposes additional layers until it is transformed into something more.”

Ayesha Mayagoitia, Operations Manager

“Whats Going On” by Marvin Gaye
Marvin Gaye’s 1971 hit “What’s Going On” is a song that has always resonated with me. As a child, I loved it’s lyrical/groovy/soulful tone. Even then I knew that it was a response to the social turmoil of the era. Reflecting in it now, I find it even more profound. This song’s message fills me with hope and it is a reminder that kindness and acceptance can conquer most of the divisiveness that is happening today.

Matthew MillerRAP Program Manager + Price doctoral student

“Neon Valley Street” by Janelle Monáe
“I am inspired by how SLAB strikes a balance of exploring alternative futures while uplifting overlooked places and peoples with art and technology. This Afro-futurist ballad beautifully represents the goal of not only surviving oppression, but finding your humanity in a metropolis that otherwise renders you problematic. Plus, it sounds like a jazzy lullaby!”

Jonathan Crisman, Research Affiliate + Price doctoral student

“Wheels” by Fat Freddy’s Drop
“I think it’s a good addition to the SLAB mixtape because you can interpret it to be about a lot of different contemporary urban issues: police brutality, political polarization, environmental justice. It also gives a sense of movement, transportation, the dance of auto and pedestrian traffic.”

Luis GutierrezResearch Assistant

“I Want to Hold Your Hand” by Al Green. Why? It’s smooth, it’s a lot of fun and it proves one of the few truths in life: Al Green makes everything better.

Michael ChiangResearch Assistant

“Gerudo Valley” by The Legend of Zelda
“Zelda was my favorite game growing up!”

Julia HartenResearch Assistant

I choose the song “Lessons” from SOHN’s first album “Tremors”.
I love music that you mostly feel.
In this song, I like the mix of the sort of fragile, repetitive vocals with the powerful bass.
Plus, who would have thought that I had to move to LA to finally see them live?

Past USC SLAB members:

Jan Chantarasompoth
Wendy Chung
Byoungjun Kim
Arthur Acolin
Kristy H.A. Kang, Associate Director
Quan Yuan

Tiffany Chu
Courtney Sung

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