photo: Monica Almeida

SLAB is excited to be in LA!  We are beginning our first domestic project: re-mapping ethnicity in Los Angeles. The idea is to move beyond mapping by the four usual racial groups predominant in public policy discourse. We posit that ethnicity is the more potent socially constructed category that people identify with and that shapes their spatial practices. LA’s combination of well developed ethnic communities as well as hybrid cultural innovation is part of what makes LA so great. Also, Los Angeles’ multi-generational, large, and complex array of ethnicites can provide insights for other American cities.

Our new Urban Spatial Ethnography and Critical Cartography class that we are teaching in SATLAB at Price is our opportunity to explore and shape this project with students. Our first exploratory studies are of the Bangladeshi, Korean, and El Salvadoran communities in Koreatown and the African-American and El Salvadoran communities in West Adams. Stay tuned as this project develops.